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Domain name registration reserves your own identity or brand on the World Wide Web even if you do not yet have your website ready to launch.  

You can reserve your brand name right away. Once you have registered your domain it is exclusively yours and becomes your website address (URL) for as long as your annual registration is current. It becomes your space and the foundation of your future online.

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What is free Domain Name parking?

FREE PARKING is a great way to hold your DOMAIN NAMES until you are ready to use them. As soon as your domain name is registered you can park it and at COMBO DOMAINS. And domain parking is free.

It is also a great way to protect your brand. It is advisable to register various extentions of your brand name. eg; //yourBrand. com //yourBrand .biz //yourBrand .net Then no one else or business can copy impersonate or highjack your business or brand name. Then park the names that you register and point them all to your primary verified website domain name.


Digital Marketing online is a mine field of copy cats and clones. Even banks and governments have their websites cloned and used for fruadulent purposes. So.. Why should I be concerned? I am small or just starting up. Many companies and brands now days  register their Domains with several of the various Domain Name Extentions that are most likey to be copied for their brand.

Once you have established your enterprise online consider some of the most likely extensions to be popular for duplicating your website. As your website becomes established it begins to look attractive to fraudsters and hackers. They want all the information you hold on each individual or transaction details and passwords etc. A common practice is to copy your website and use a name exactly the same as yours but with a different extention and redirect your valuable information to their fruadulent site. By registering just some of the best or most likey extensions you can better protect your brand. For Digital Marketing purposes you Freepark the Domains then point all these reserved and registered Domain Names to your Verified Primary Website.

It is about assessing the risk of having your brand or website copied, spoofed or syphoned. Then taking some steps to lesson that risk.


You have an exciting and professional range of choices here. You can immediately choose from an up to date and extensive range of templates from our COMBO DOMAIN RANGE or choose to have your website design completely managed by our team of professionals on our every day low cost, high ranking web design systems. 


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